Future of Bitcoins and the History of Economies. A research paper on the evolution of currencies and where Bitcoins fit in the big picture. Starting from the systems of bartering to the early forms of currencies to the high tech programs being employed today, we explore how these systems evolve and build upon one another and how this makes Bitcoins so special.

A MS Paint knockoff coded in Java.


  • Drawing squares, circles, and lines!
  • Set outline stroke or fill!
  • 256 colors!
  • Sorting shapes by area!
  • Undo and Redo functionality
  • Save and Load as .JavaPaint files

A musical video arts performance for a class project. Using previous video projects from my classmates mashed together into a live music performance. The idea was to take those projects out of their original context and focus purely on what is actually being seen and heard.

If you can't view the video you can download it here

A segment I helped create for the Down by the River: Stories of Hanford podcast. We cover the legal work the goverment has made surrounding the Hanford nuclear reservation and the lawsuits that the state has filed against the federal goverment.

If you can't listen to the podcast you can download it here